Insta-Hack was a fun game we played during our weekend services.  Check out Josh’s blog over at for more on the game rules.  I’m here to help you out with the tech side of the game!

The big challenge is getting the iPhone on the screen.  We considered using an AppleTV, but it’s not compatible with our system.  So, we used an app on the Mac called, AirServer to display our iPhones on a MacBook Pro.  The MacBook Pro was mirrored on our system with a VGA cable.  AirServer can also install on a PC, but henceforth, I will be assuming you have a Mac because I have never used it on a PC.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 3.21.23 PMWe set AirServer to run in full screen.  When the iPhone is in portrait mode, it leaves the desktop showing on both sides.  So, we created a quick desktop picture that fits around it perfectly:



AirServer is really easy to use.  Basically, you install it on your Mac and it will create a little icon in the top menu bar next to your clock.  Click it and choose Preferences. From there, you give your computer a name and password.  Click the Rebroadcast button and you’re good to go on that end!

Now, bust out your iPhone 4S (or iPad 3) or later and unlock it so you can see your homescreen.  Double click the Home Button at the bottom of the phone.  Swipe to the right twice and you’ll see a little AirPlay icon.  Tap that and you’ll see your computer name on the list.  Select your name and type in the password you created.  Make sure you turn mirroring ON.

Presto!  Your phone is now displayed on your MacBook Pro!

Here’s a nice little iPhone wallpaper as well: